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19 Death Note Tattoos

Tattoos are a 50 billion dollar global industry, growing by the double digits annually. Tattoos are meant to give the world a small glimpse into the inked person or evoke a cherished memory for the person with the tattoo. Statistics show that almost half of all adults under the age of 30 have a tattoo.…

19 Fullmetal Alchemist Tattoos

Fullmetal Alchemist… more like FEELmetal Alchemist… Anyways… Here are 19 really cool FMA tattoos that are sure to put you in a better mood even after watching Nina-dog getting blown into pieces. Incoming search terms:fullmetal alchemist tattoofullmetal alchemist tattoo crossfma tattoofull metal alchemist tattoofullmetal alchemist tattoo ideas

30 Dragon Ball Z Tattoos Even Frieza Would Admire

Are you a puny human in search of a way to boost your power level? Well, a DBZ tattoo won’t do it, but it’ll look pretty cool at least. Here are 15 Dragon Ball Z tattoos that would make even Frieza stop and admire… for a minute, before he crushed you like a bug. Incoming…

16 Stellar Cowboy Bebop Tattoos

Although Cowboy Bebop is beloved by many, Cowboy Bebop tattoos are pretty few and far between. But after much searching and scrutinizing, we believe we have compiled a collection of the 16 best Cowboy Bebop tattoos on the internet. Check ’em out. Incoming search terms:cowboy bebop tattoo