160 Aztec Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

There’s no better way to add tribal flair to a sleeve (or as a standalone tattoo) than by going with an Aztec design, a bit of a modern twist on tribal looks that used to be incredibly popular but have become a little bit dated.

The best Aztec tattoos today are fresh, taking inspiration from this legendary culture, and can add not only a lot of visual style to the ink that you are putting on your body but can add a lot of sentiment and inspiration, too.

Finding the right Aztec tattoos, though, can be a bit of a challenge – especially if you’re working with a tattoo artist that isn’t super familiar with this style. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of designs, though, giving you an opportunity to load up on inspiration or bring “ready to go” designs to your artist that they can work off of.

If you need some inspiration, check out all of the 160 Aztec tattoo designs below!

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