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23 Rick and Morty Tattoos

In life, there are two kinds of people – people like Morty, a generally good, curious, and adventurous individual just looking to spend a little bit of extra time with his grandfather and people like Rick (the complete and total opposite). A time traveling, dimension hopping, brilliant scientist with complete and total disdain for anything…

16 Old School Nickelodeon Tattoos

N-n-nick nick, n-nick nick nick, Nickelodeon! If you’ve ever wanted a tattoo that only 90’s kids will be able to fully appreciate, then one of an old Nickelodeon character is definitely the way to go. Take a small trip down memory lane by checking out the 8 down below!

18 Whimsical Dr. Seuss Tattoos

One tattoo, Two tattoos, Red tattoos, Blue tattoos! Tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes, and the Dr. Seuss theme is no exception! Below are 18 examples of said theme for you to admire and use for inspiration wacky tattoos you may be considering. Incoming search terms:dr seuss tattoos

17 Magical Disney Tattoos

Young or old, pretty much everyone loves the magic of Disney, and what better way to add a little magic to your life than with a Disney tattoo? There are more Disney tattoo options than there are Disney movies, so check out this list of 17 below if you wanna see what some of them…