7 Tips to Help Your New Tattoo Heal Properly

Looking after your new tattoo may feel like a daunting experience if it’s your first one but, trust us, there is no need for these anxieties. These tips will ensure your new artwork will look and feel perfect as quickly as possible.

Remember, after you have been inked, it is absolutely paramount that you perform the necessary aftercare routine to make sure your tattoo does not become infected, faded or blurred. You have to put the work in.

Of course, your artist will tell you exactly how to take care of your new ink, especially if it is your first time. Just, bear in mind that you and your body art will be fine! And yes, your tattooist will say this too.

1. Never Re-Bandage It

Once you take off that first bandage, do not cover it up again. If you do, the risk of infection is higher and your tattoo won’t be able to breathe, scab over and then heal.

Ultimately, you will just slow down the whole process since too much moisture will be present.

2. Use Tepid Water

Using hot water will potentially burn you since your new ink is pretty much a fresh, open wound. Ensuring you use lukewarm water will negate the risk of scalds and be gentle enough to promote healing.

3. Don’t Overuse Ointment

Being overly generous with the ointment will create an incredibly moist environment which isn’t necessary for your healing tattoo. Make sure you apply just enough to barely coat it.

4. Don’t Itch It

We won’t lie, this bit is hard (which you will know if this isn’t your first rodeo)! Keep in mind that, just like when you fell over as a child and your scrapes would become itchy, this feeling is a good sign. It simply means that the scab is coming off and the healing process is almost complete.

5. Don’t Peel The Scabbed Skin

Resisting the urge to peel the dead skin will allow the new skin underneath to be perfectly healthy. Trust the process and don’t rush it.

6. Don’t Take Baths

Don’t panic, we are not saying that you can’t wash for a few weeks. But what we are saying is that you should stick to showers — even if hot baths are your way of dealing with life. Sorry, but it will be worth it; your tattoo design won’t be ruined due to it soaking in a tub!

7. Use Sun Lotion

After the healing is finished, apply a touch of sunscreen over it once a day to ensure your design will keep its colour and not fade over time. Try to find a sun lotion that has zinc oxide in it as this will be the best for your ink.

If it is your first ink, you might stress out about all of this but after your second, third, fourth and so on, you will be as cool as a cucumber about the entire ordeal.

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